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However I think if housework were easier we would enjoy it more. Over the years we’ve found out many easy tips to clean things faster and better. Like how to remove scratches from white dishes or how to shine dull floors in minutes. But one of the best tips we have isn’t just something we’ve discovered, it’s a tip we actually got from the professionals and we are sharing that tip with you!

WASHING WINDOWS, is a pain! But not if you have Secrets from the pros!!

This is a tried and true method used by the professional window washers around the world. We want to teach you the secret to washing windows like a pro.

Washing Windows Like the ProsSave

I cannot take credit for this discovery; however I can tell you that it works! In my opinion this is the best way for washing windows. A cleaning company shared this tip with me four years ago, I was using glass cleaner, vinegar and newspapers. Nothing I did completely cleaned the window. This is the only thing I use now.

Items Needed for Washing Windows pro window washing
Like a Pro
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Dawn Dish Detergent
Small Bowl or Bucket
Scrubby Pads
Absorbent Cloths
Dirty Windows ( I still have professional window cleaning
plenty if you need some to try this out on)!
The Best Window CleanerSave

Steps for Washing Windows Like a Pro
Place a few drops of Dawn in
your container with a couple inches of water.
Dip the scrubby pad into the water and squeeze out.
Washing Windows like the Professionals do itSave

3. Scrub the glass.

4. The Dawn along with the scrubby gets the dirt off and does not leave a residue.

5. Squeegee the window, starting at the top and working down, wiping off the “blade “each time with a cloth.

There are all types of Squeegees on the market. The better the quality, the less streaking and better clean.

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